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We try to run Sea World Divers, as a good and safe Christian family dive center. Take your time, look around, feel free to check out all the Hyper-links on the menu to my right or left. Either way will get you around our site.

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In our efforts to make diving a more enjoyable experience for all we have come up with what we believe to be as well a rounded organization as possible. We offer a full line of diving equipment as you will note on our products page. We offer certifications in open water one and open water advanced for PADI, YMCA, and NAUI. We will help you accomplish each level of training as you progress higher and higher in your diving skills and certs. In fact we can map you a progressive chart for your goal.

We offer specialty diving certifications, such as RESCUE, SEARCH & RECOVERY, WRECK DIVING, CAVE & CAVERN, NITROX and various other specialty diving classifications.

We can help you regain those lost skills with refresher courses and additional training courses like, CPR, DAN O2, FIRST AID, and BUOYANCY WORK SHOPS. Private classes can be arranged for any and all training and certification classes. Please call for details.

We have skilled and qualified technicians on staff to repair worn equipment as well as keep your tanks up to date with annual VIP’s, Hydro’s, and Visual Plus  inspections.

We offer tours and dive trips with our own travel agent to help you find and book that dream vacation on that tropical beach in those warm waters around the world. And don’t worry if you don’t have all or any of your equipment, we offer rental packages for your trips, with daily and weekly rates.

And for those serious enthusiast we have our own dive club, where we get together, plan trips, have parties, do activities and have just plain all round fun. As a member of our dive club you become eligible to join PDRA, a dive club for dive clubs, with access to 3 quarries in the area for your diving pleasure. To use for fun or to hone those diving skills, for you or the whole family.

If your not sure scuba is for you come join us for free TRY SCUBA and see. Scheduled dates are on our calendar page.
Dive Certifications
We have five instructors on staff for lots of personal one on one help as well as a dive masters to assist. Our courses are fun and enjoyable. We are dedicated to quality service with the best instruction available.

Open Water Diver Course includes professional instruction thru NAUI, PADI & YMCA/CMAS. We can now certify 10 year old kids thru PADI under the condition that once certified they can only dive to 45 ft and must dive with a certified parent/guardian. All classes run 2 nights a week for 3 to 4 weeks. Followed by required open­ water (4 dives) training dives with an instructor. Class/Pool fee is $195 does not include training dives, student books, or mask, fins, snorkel. A deposit of $50 will secure your spot in a class (running monthly). Balance is due before last class session. Call the store for more information.

PADI Advance Open Water Course is the next level in diver education. It is a course that is designed to be fun and gain experience in a vari­ety of diving environments. The PADI course is a personal class instruction and consist of 5 differ­ent dives such as Night Dive, U/W Navigation, Search & Recovery, Deep Dive, Wreck Dive and more. Instructional fee is $125 and you can deduct $40 if you purchase BC/Reg. setup from SWD during O/W1 or this course. You will need training manuals, a dive light, slate & compass.

NAUI or YMCA Silver Advanced Diver is for the diver who wants a more experienced course in advanced diving. This program adds ten additional dives to the divers education and experience. Classroom and pool training is required. Cost is $195.00. Plus manuals and same gear and requirements as in PADI Advance course.

Private Instruction Add $100 more to the course fee. We will meet your scheduling needs.

See our calendar for current scheduled classes .

Diving Specialties

We plan these on an as needed basis. Call store for scheduling information. Great to complete on dive trips with an instructor from Sea World Divers.

Rescue Dive Course is designed to teach you how to better handle diving emergencies. Before taking the course you must have met the following require­ments: Advance Open Water Diver, First Aid and CPR certification from a recognized agency, and at least 20 logged dives. The cost of instruction is $135.00. You will need to purchase your training manual and plan one open water training dive with an instructor.

Enriched Air Diver also known as Nitrox is a class that is designed for divers who wish to reduce the nitrogen load while diving and have longer bottom times available. Course fee is $135 and includes manual & tables. Two dives required.

Equipment Specialist is a course designed for a diver who would like to learn how to better care for their dive equipment. You will need your equipment for hands on learning. Fee is $50.00

Divemaster Course is the beginning of training for scuba leadership. You will work independently with instructors . The course fee is $250 and does not in­clude educational materials, application fee or insur­ance. Call  David at SWD for more information.

YMCA Assistant Instructor or Instructor Course. These are the final two courses to becoming an instructor. You will work with David Locke; a YMCA Instructor Trainer. Call David at SWD for more information.

Additional Training

Our staff can help you with additional classes needed for completion of certain specialty diving certifications or if you would just like to be in the know.

Red Cross CPR & First Aid call Ruby at S.W.D. to get full details.

DAN Oxygen First Aid Learn how to administer Oxygen to a diver. This course is great for non‑divers too. Fee is $75.00 with rentals.

Peak Performance Buoyancy is course designed to teach better buoyancy control. Fee is $50.00

Refresher Diver Course is designed for divers who have not been diving in 1 or 2 or years. You will go through a class review and pool skills. The fee is $50 with your own gear or $75 with rentals.

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Repairs & Inspections

Repairs and inspections are done on sight in most cases, however there are a few instances where your gear may have to be sent back to the factory in extreme cases. Therefore we cannot give a basic rate or fee for repairs. We ask that you bring in your gear and we will give you an estimate as to the repair cost and time to repair.

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Trips & Tours

We are constantly planning and booking trips and tours all over this big blue marble we call earth. You can get detailed information about the trips we have scheduled on our SEA NOTES page along with cost and dates. However some dates are changed with little notice so if there is a favorite you are watching be sure to check back often or look at the calendar page for updates and changes.

Dive Clubs

Become a member of SeaWorld Divers own dive club and take advantage of special offers and discounts given to club members only. Join and receive an official club T shirt. Enjoy socials and outings with other enthusiast like yourself. Get tips and info on trips, equipment, and news, or just swap fish stories with your buds. Come join us, it’s a pleasure you won’t soon forget.

Also through SeaWorld Divers you can join PDRA (Piedmont Diving and Rescue Association), a dive club for dive clubs. With your membership you get access to three dive quarries in the area with various sights and wrecks to dive on. You can camp, picnic, dive, and snorkel, in the quiet country side. Yet still close and convenient, the most economical dives you’ll ever make.




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